Alison Heeres & Gwen Meyer

Growing, preparing, and eating beautiful food motivates and inspires our work. 

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Our Farmer

I'm Gwen Meyer, and I farm because I love to eat food I've grown myself. Maybe it's just me, but it tastes the best! Just east of Eastern Market, I manage our 1/2-acre farm that grows baby transplants in the spring and full grown vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and bouquet flowers. Coriander Kitchen and Farm purchased the land in 2015 and we are working hard to bring it into full production. I believe in growing with diversity in mind, mimicking a fuller sort of ecosystem to maintain space for all of the creatures that will inevitably end up on our farm, to work a balance into the equation from the start. I love bees and butterflies and hawks and pheasants. I am grateful for the collaborative power of the growing community, for the ideals of justice and food sovereignty present in Detroit and to be a part of this work. 

I have been growing in Detroit since 2008, when I moved here to apprentice at Earthworks Urban Farm. From there, opportunities for continued growth have kept me challenged, happy, and busy: farming at Rising Pheasant Farms, managing Lafayette Greens, farming at Providence Organic Farm, and now co-owning Coriander Kitchen and Farm. I have spent time as a beekeeper, too.  Alison lets me help in the kitchen, too, teaching me her magic.

Our Chef

I'm Alison Heeres, the homegrown head cook at Coriander Kitchen and Farm. I'm addicted to dill, coriander, lemon zest, and crunchy things. I cook food grown by people and companies I know and trust. I believe in food that is satisfying, healthful, and balanced. I am most often inspired by a particular good, timely, or unique ingredient that crosses my path. I am seeker of traditional food knowledge and whole food cooking techniques. While I focus on local produce and proteins, our flavors are influenced by spices and techniques from far and wide. In fact, there is nothing we like more then taking a recipe from a world away and making it with local ingredients. 

My training comes from my mother's kitchen and my father's garden, a relentless personal quest to eat delicious food, and within the restaurant kitchens of dear culinary friends who have been kind enough to teach me, feed me, and PAY me over the last five years. I took a leap from teaching in the community about food and nutrition to cooking food commercially three years ago and it's been a tasty and crazy journey

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