Opopeo Amaranth

Open-pollinated. The grain of the gods from Opopeo, Mexico. Doubles as a wonderful green until flower-set. Huge plants require 2' spacing. Opopeo’s magenta-purple stems grow 4–8' topped by 2' deep burgundy flower spikes each laden with 4–8 oz of seed grain. Grain matures from early to mid October. Cut and hang the heads to dry inside rather than field-curing in wet autumns. Wait until grain is crumbly dry and then rub against a mesh screen to thresh. Store your grain securely; mice love it. Boil two parts water to one part grain for a high-protein gluten-free breakfast cereal or mix with pumpkin meal, vegetables and herbs, allow to harden, and slice into fryable patties. Multi-branched plants prone to lodging in loose soils, otherwise may offer support to pole beans when given a head start. 

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