Tomato - Brandywine

Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. with potato-leaf foliage. This famous tomato put heirlooms on the map and thick-skinned hybrids on the run. Pink Brandywine was introduced by the illustrious Ben Quisenberry around 1979, and was his favorite. Doris Sudduth Hill’s family kept this tomato for more than 100 years and gave Quisenberry his seed. Brandywine can be fussy to grow, has problems with catfacing, early blight and sometimes late maturity, but plenty of commercial growers have had success. Some even report limited late blight tolerance. Meaty with just the perfect hint of tartness, the oblate beefsteak fruits average right around a pound, ripening unevenly throughout the season, often preferring cool early fall to peak heat of August. 

$4 for a 3" pot

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Alison HeeresTOMATO