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The farm is producing so much spring produce, we are trying out a new model of selling produce to you directly, modeled after a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We are calling it a CSmAybe :) Instead of collecting a fee for a season of produce boxes, we want to share with you what we've got when we've got it, still selling as a complete set (as in there is not flexibility in what you get in your box-- there may be one item that involves a choice) for a fixed rate. You confirm your order by Friday Morning at 10 am, and the produce will be ready for you to pick up between 5-7pm that same day! 


It is an experiment, but something we are excited about! A way for us to share our bounty with those who support us! 


This week, for $25, your CSmAybe features:

  • beaut beets (detroit dark red, golden, and chioggia in the mix

  • basil (could be sweet, lemon, thai, or greek-- let me know if you've a preference)

  • sage

  • thyme

  • cilantro

  • hinona kabu turnips

  • babe bunch o' flowers (for power)