Story of coriander

Alison and Gwen met in Detroit in the summer of 2008. Both committed to the city, to local foods, and to eating well, they wove in and out of each other's lives for five years. Two years ago, they decided to use their skills, experiences, passions, and joys collaboratively to create Coriander Kitchen  and Farm. Farmer Gwen grows the produce and Chef Alison prepares the food.

In autumn 2015, Alison and Gwen purchased a half-acre of land in central Detroit. They are eager and excited to get Coriander Farm productive, ripe with herbs, flowers, vegetables and fruits. 

Coriander Kitchen is still looking for a brick-and-mortar home, but the two are busy with catering and upcoming prepared food events-- keep your eyes out for the next opportunity to taste for yourself!

Alison is an amazing chef who cooks with love and grace. A native Michigander, good food has been a part of her life from Battle Creek to Charlevoix to Detroit and beyond. She farmed at Kitchen Garden Farm in Massachusetts in 2014, growing, weeding, and processing their gorgeous produce for a full season. Her extensive culinary background has allowed her to successfully execute catering events both big and small, as well as develop and manage the breakfast, lunch, and brunch menu for Trinosophe's in Eastern Market. Alison's enthusiasm and passion for food, for life, for fun, and for sustainable local foods is an inspiration to all who encounter her!

Growing good, lush and delicious produce motivates Gwen everyday. She sees the practice of agriculture as creating a beautifully diverse ecosystem with many complex parts and pieces-- flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits planted together to create spaces for beneficial insects to grow and thrive. Her journey in food production started as a kid, growing tomatoes with her mom and an eagerly harvesting of strawberries with her grandparents. She loves sowing seeds, and early spring allows her the great joy of sowing thousands of seeds for late spring and summer transplant sales. And then, the farm growing begins!